What to expect in the 11th grade:

Your 11th grade year is a big time in high school because you are transitioning into a life after high school--planning, researching, and working towards the finish-line for your senior year.

Throughout the year, counselors visit junior classrooms to get students thinking about planning their senior year and transitioning to life after high school. In the Spring semester, counselors will invite students and their parents to individual meetings to discuss postsecondary planning, including college, career, and military potentials.

Junior (11th)     College Board 11th Checklist


TUTORING: All students have access to tutoring in Room 501 and 502, Tuesday-Thursday from 4:05 to 5:05. Don't wait till you are failing a class, if you need help, take advantage of this free tutoring to stay on target with your grades and study!


By the time you graduate, you will need to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service throughout your time in high school. You may start logging these hours now.  Be sure to print a community service form, get it signed by your non-parent supervisor, then turn the form into your counselor.  Community service form


Click Post-Secondary Planning for Financial Aid  to visit links to nationwide scholarship search engines to begin searching for applicable scholarships today.